COTMA's goal is to promote heritage tramways and foster excellence in Museum practice and presentations. Established in 1975, represents the interests of heritage tramway museums / operators throughout Australasia.

COTMA is a non-profit organisation, assisting individual museums to achieve their objectives. Full membership is open to organisations having urban transport collections within Australia and open to the public. Affiliate membership is available as well. COTMA works together with other rail heritage bodies such as the Association of Tourist and Heritage Rail Australia (ATHRA) and the Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand (FRONZ).

What's New?

23/7/2017 - COTMA News Update for July 2017 published.

16/7/2017 - Link to the UK based Online Transport Archive (photographic) added to Organisational Links.

13/7/2017 - Perth Conference dates revised, now opening on Thursday 13th September, through to Tuesday 18th, following by a Post Conference Tour - Wednesday 19th to Monday 24th September.

13/4/2017 - COTMA News Update for April 2017 published.

20/2/2017 - Members list updated, links updated and checked.

8/1/2017 - COTMA News Update for January 2017 published.

22/12/16 - Conference Awards page updated and photos added.

11/12/16 - Christchurch Conference Proceedings and presentations published along with photographs of the event.

11/7/2016 - COTMA Memo dated 30-6-2016 added - Australian ONRSR policy on level crossings and tramways and former Melbourne tram 183 available for purchase.

18/6/2016 - COTMA News Update for June 2016 published. Conference pages updated. Proposed Rules for the Association to be considered at the Conference General Meeting see the document tab.

13/12/2015 - COTMA News Update for December 2015 published. See page 12 for a flyer for the Wellington Tramway Museum's 50 years book.

20/11/2015 - Wellington Tramway Museum have advised that it will publish soon the final issue of the Tramway Topics magazine.

23/8/2015 - COTMA Membership List updated for three new members and Links updated. COTMA welcomes:

Auckland Waterfront Tramway Ltd

Auckland Electric Tramways Co. Ltd

Hobart Tramway Restoration and Museum Society Inc.

26/6/2015 - June 2015 News Update published. COTMA Christchurch conference details announced. See also the Conference page. Awards page corrected.

25/3/2015 - TMSV Mailing address changed.

9/3/2015 - COTMA Mailing Address changed, all website links checked and updated and a link to a video of Invercargill Birney 15 running in Christchurch added to the Awards page.

28/12/2014 - All the possible 2014 Conference Pages have now been uploaded to the 2014 Conference Proceedings.

22/12/2014 - December 2014 News Update published.

7/9/2014 - September 2014 News Update published.




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